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I have had some experience with these two softwares but have really enjoyed taking this info to it!

Hist 428

Blogging assignment for Thursday

Western Border site
Something done very well by this site is the organization, it is immediately clear where all the tools are stored and the information is housed. I think the featured document section is a great highlight for the front page and emblematic of the smart design choices made by the Kansas city public Library. The site as a whole feels very modern and slick in all but a few areas. For one the citations are a bit older and are aging, for example one of the highlighted essays only cites sources from before 1999; being that this site is being used for public education one would like to see more up to date sources. There are also some technical things that are starting to show their age, say the timeline which is a little sluggish. I think this site is a very well designed piece though and could be very beneficial to my teams design philosophy in structure.

Gilded Age Murder
This site is very much my jam, I love the classic aesthetic and the topic! That being said though it is very old visually. Although due to the nature of the sources it lives on really well since they are mostly first hand legal documents and other great primary sources. I think aiming for a more timeless approach to citation is a great way for a digital history project to live on past it’s digital coil and abode. I really appreciate the amount of thought that went into this project, the whole philosophy of a “non-linear thinking” approach is fascinating and in my eyes an amazing way to take this subject. My team definitely can use this structural thought process to go about documenting James Farmer Hall and it’s many iterations, with both the physical landscape and the political elements of its story.

Mapping the Republic of Letters
This project is a data visualization and deep look at the figures of the early modern Liberal movement, be it John Locke or Ben Franklin or the Jesuit’s and Architects in Italy their is a look at the networks they used. I really do enjoy the “how to cite” section, and all of the love this site has for the contributors including a video explaining the process and the people who help. I well say this is the site I looked at that made me the least excited while also being set in one of my favorite era’s of study, I feel as if this site with it’s vast amount of information feels a little barren and a bit too honed in. I think it’s vast amounts is something to aspire towards but it’s far too academic in my view to inspire a project of our scope.
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